Backroads & OHV Areas

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Backroads and OHV photo Off-highway vehicle (OHV) areas are those areas best suited for 2-, 3- or 4-wheel drive vehicles, such as SUVs, dirt bikes, ATVs, dune buggies, and even snowmobiles. Basically, it encompasses any fuel-driven, motorized vehicle.
Some OHV areas listed below have been improved by a grant from Arizona State Parks' Off-Highway Vehicle Program, which is funded by state motor-fuel tax revenues. The Arizona OHV Program is dedicated to enhancing and preserving motorized recreation opportunities.



Arizona State Parks OHV

Arizona Land Cruiser Association

Extreme Arizona
Cave Creek, AZ

Riding Arizona
4,500 OHV members

Arizona ATV Riders, INC
The largest ATV club in the State.

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Tread Lightly
Obey all signs and closures. Know where boundaries are and stay out of wilderness areas. Get permission to travel across private land and respect all landowners' rights.

2) Protect vegetation. Avoid running over trees, shrubs and grasses.

3) Do not pioneer new roads and trails, resisting the urge to cut across switchbacks.

4) Stay off soft, wet roads and trails. Go around meadows and steep hillsides, which are easily scarred.

5) Other users, such as hikers and horseback riders, have the right-of-way on all trails.

6) Avoid wild animals.

7) Obtain maps from the appropriate land management agency and observe all regulations. Learn the rules and follow them.


Helmets are required by state law for all off-highway vehicle drivers and passengers under the age of 18 years.
All vehicles are required to have a Forest Service approved exhaust system or spark arrestor, and said devices must be in good working order.
Vehicles shall not be driven carelessly, without regard for the safety of others or in a manner that is likely to endanger any person, property or wildlife.
Campfire and smoking restrictions may be in effect during dry spells. Please check with appropriate land management agency for fire restrictions.